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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canon Digital Cameras Problems

Canon digital cameras problems exist in every Canon camera, but that is typical of any camera from any manufacturer. Canon has had some issues with the EOS 5D because of poor color as well as the inability for the camera to handle dark and light images in one picture. Not everyone reports this problem, but some users were not happy with this problem.

Another problem includes the EOS 1D Mark III, which is said to have some flaws in focusing. Another reported problem is the weight of some of the cameras. Although most of the Canon cameras are lightweight, some are a little heavier because of the design or the battery used.

Canon also issued a statement back in 2005 stating that some of the CCDs that were used caused images to become distorted or not visible. This problem comes from the wiring becoming undone because of humidity and high heat. This problem affected the Digital IXUS II, V3 and the PowerShot A310, A75, A60, A300 and the A70 digital cameras. Free repairs were made for people that experienced these problems. This problem has since been corrected and is no longer a problem for Canon camera users.

Canon digital cameras problems are far and in between. Most of the problems found with Canon cameras were found to be user error more so than an error found the camera itself. There are many reviews for all Canon cameras. They do not present any serious problems that cannot be corrected by adjusting the settings on the camera menu.

Canon digital cameras problems also include the price. Many people have found some of the prices a bit steep for Canon cameras. This is to be expected though for a high quality camera. If you want quality images, the technology does cost more than a camera that does not utilize the same technology.

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