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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Canon Digital Cameras - Which Camera Is for Me?

Canon is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of cameras in today's market. Canon manufacture top quality cameras which enable you to take fabulous photographs and provide you with astounding results.


Canon digital cameras are the first option for photographers at any level, beginner, intermediate or professional, and are available in a lot of different models beginning with the compact digital cameras up to the digital SLRs. Canon digital cameras are the first option for photographers including beginners, intermediates and professionals, while their support is first class.

The cameras come in two main categories which are the compact digital cameras and the larger Digital SLR cameras, there are some highly expensive cameras and also the lower range for you and me which are really affordable. The lower range are the Compact digitals, they are your everyday point and shoot cameras. These are called Powershot, the Canon's Powershot range consist of:

A Series the easy and fun budget range $100 - $180

ELPH Series the point and shoot range $180 - $280

D Series which are water and shock proof $300

High end Series more advanced compact digitals $230 - $500

The next range are the top quality Digital SLR cameras, these are in two categories which are the EOS Rebel series and the SLR EOS D series. The Canon SLR range includes the EOS (Electro-Optical System)

Eos Rebel range consists of 6 SLR digital cameras ranging in price from $550 to $900, the Eos D series are a range of 7 cameras at the high end for the experienced user prices from $1000 to $7000. All SLR cameras are able to interchange the EF lenses which in themselves come in 70 different types. The lenses come in all types zoom lenses, standard zooms, ultra wide zoom, telephoto, wide angled, standard and medium telephoto, telephoto, super telephoto, macro and tilt-shift so all in all a lense for every need.

The features on the EOS digital SLR cameras are varied and change dramatically, features include megapixels 10.1 to 21.0, CMOS sensors, DIGIC processors, 2.5 or 3.0 inch LCD, monitors some are full hd 1080, HDMI outputs, 45-point AF system and usb port. There are also have various settings on Canon Eos Digital SLR cameras, theres different settings for different conditions according to your location, you could be in daylight mode or night mode what ever suits your needs. Whether your in direct sunlight or in a blacked out area there are lenses and settings for you to take the perfect photograph.

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