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Monday, December 26, 2011

Which Canon Digital Camera Is Right For You?

If your wondering which Canon digital camera is right for you, then you've obviously made a decision already. You've decided to limit your search to Canon. That's not a bad choice, and some would argue it's a really good one. Others wouldn't. For the record, I like Canon, and have been happy with several Canon products over the years. There are plenty of good reasons for both sides of this argument.

Canon has grown into the rather enviable position of being the digital camera manufacturer with the biggest product line that appeals to an ever growing demographic of photographers. Everyone from the digital camera grandmas and 'pas, to prosumer photographers, to the pros crowding the top sports venues, to the paparazzi scum harassing all the big celebrities. It's an eclectic and diverse group of photo hounds to be sure, and Canon has the camera for everyone of them.

In the ultra compact category, they have cameras like the PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph, and the PowerShot SD750 Digital Elph. These are both popular and reliable sellers for the YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace fan groups. The Elphs are extremely easy to use, tiny, and portable. Their image quality may not be the best, but for loading to your favorite websites and emailing to your friends, the pics are more than adequate.

The slightly larger compact category has even more choices for Canon fans. The PowerShot A570IS is a good choice. It includes image stabilization, and face recognition for better focus. Megapixels are abundant at 7.1, but not overly done for the sake of marketing hype. Consumers are becoming more aware, that any camera under $300 with more than 7 megapixels is just a waste of pixels and dollars.

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